# Cleaning up

Once you've finished making your config.plist, lets next grab MountEFI and add OpenCore to our USB.

  1. Download MountEFI
  2. Run the MountEFI.command file
  3. Select your USB installer

And with that, your USB should now be mounted on your desktop beside your USB as an external disk:

  • If it shows up as an internal disk, you may have accidentally mounted an internal drive's EFI partition, you can simply eject and try mounting the USB's EFI again

From here, lets grab our EFI folder we've been working on and place it on the root of the USB drive:

  • Pay close attention, we do not want to include the X64 folder but instead the EFI inside it
    • This is due to how Macs(and PCs) expect to see bootable drives, they assume the bootloader to be located in ESP(EFI System Partition)/EFI(Folder)/BOOT/BOOTx64.efi

And from here, we're ready to boot!

# Booting the USB

Last Updated: 10/30/2020, 1:08:17 AM