# config.plist setup

Here we'll want to look at that OpenCore folder once more, instead looking into the Docs folder:

Copy that sample.plist and paste it into the X64/EFI/OC/ folder. Next rename it to config.plist:

Now lets grab ProperTree, then run the ProperTree.command file:

  • Pro-tip: You can make ProperTree into a proper app by running the /scripts/buildapp-python.command

Once ProperTree is running, open your config.plist by pressing Cmd/Ctrl + O and selecting the config.plist file in your X64/EFI/OC/ folder.

After the config is opened, press Cmd/Ctrl + Shift + R and point it at your EFI/OC folder to perform a "Clean Snapshot":

  • This will remove all the entries from the config.plist and then adds all your SSDTs, Kexts and Firmware drivers to the config
  • Cmd/Ctrl + R is another option that will add all your files as well but will leave entries disabled if they were set like that before, useful for when you're troubleshooting but for us not needed right now

Once this is done, your config should be much cleaner now:

  • You can also remove the "#Warning" entries as well, they're only cosmetic

Now you can head to the next page where we get to configure this file:

Last Updated: 11/17/2020, 4:26:53 AM