# Tested Models on OpenCore Legacy Patcher

To aid users in troubleshooting, we've compiled a list of users who've reported success with OpenCore Legacy Patcher as well as the version used. This should aid users in verifying whether issues with the patcher are regression-related with newer versions.

SMBIOS Tested Tester Model Version Comment
MacBook4,1 YES Mami Stock Unknown Couldn't install due to broken USB support
MacBook5,1 air.man 0.0.19 N/A
MacBook5,2 Finder352
MacBook6,1 Finder352
MacBook7,1 MykolaG
AlexSakha67 0.0.20
MacBook8,1 NO N/A N/A N/A
MacBook Air
SMBIOS Tested Tester Model Version Comment
MacBookAir2,1 YES Bruno Stock 0.4.5 Slow to the point of being unusable.
MacBookAir3,1 uvesten Stock 0.3.3 N/A
MacBookAir3,2 houser42 Unknown
MacBookAir4,1 NO N/A N/A N/A
MacBookAir4,2 YES bdwilson1907 Stock 0.3.1 Intermittent keyboard backlight
MacBookAir5,1 Ausdauersportler 0.0.9 N/A
webg3 Unknown
MacBookAir5,2 Bab-droid 0.0.19
K-Hobert Unknown
cboukouv 0.0.21
MacBookAir6,1 NO N/A N/A N/A N/A
MacBook Pro
SMBIOS Tested Tester Model Version Comment
MacBookPro4,1 YES cboukouv Stock 0.0.19 N/A
MacBookPro5,1 GURU_Jasho#5736 0.0.21
MacBookPro5,2 hvds
MacBookPro5,3 kommtzeitkonrad 0.0.22
MacBookPro5,4 NO N/A N/A N/A
MacBookPro5,5 YES ASentientHedgehog Stock -
ParaDoX1994 Stock 0.4.5 Camera/Bluetooth not working (connector broken)
MacBookPro6,1 NO N/A N/A N/A N/A
MacBookPro6,2 YES Jakeluke Stock Unknown dGPU broken
MacBookPro7,1 fussel132 0.1.2 N/A
casey1234 Upgraded 0.3.3 Upgraded SSD
MacBookPro8,1 YES AvaQueen Stock 0.0.19 N/A
MacBookPro8,1 charly-black Upgraded 0.3.1 Upgraded BCM94331PCIEBT4CAX
MacBookPro8,2 air.man Stock 0.0.22 dGPU disabled
cboukouv 0.0.19 N/A
MacBookPro8,3 lulujyc 0.1.4 dGPU disabled
MacBookPro9,1 YES jbdamiano Stock 0.0.19 N/A
MacBookPro9,2 YES alexx17xx
CyberDroid1 0.0.16
woefi Upgraded 0.0.13 Upgraded BCM94331CAX
whgmkeller Stock 0.0.11 N/A
vinaypundith Unknown 0.0.7
casey1234 Upgraded 0.3.3 Upgraded RAM and SSD
crystall1nedev Upgraded 0.4.4
MacBookPro10,1 YES traviswparker Stock 0.0.14 N/A
il-rollino Upgraded 0.0.21 Upgraded BCM94360CSAX
MacBookPro10,2 akidone 0.3.0
MacBookPro11,1 YES ParaDoX1994 Stock 0.4.4 N/A
MacBookPro11,2 casey1234 0.3.3
MacBookPro11,3 NO N/A N/A N/A N/A
Mac mini
SMBIOS Tested Tester Model Version Comment
Macmini3,1 YES ASentientHedgehog Stock N/A N/A
Macmini4,1 YES Towster15#6369 0.4.4 Does not have internal SATA cable, booted and installed to SSD over USB 2.0 instead
MykolaG 0.4.5 SD card reader possibly broken.
Macmini5,1 YES MykolaG 0.4.5 N/A
Macmini5,2 charly-black 0.3.1
MykolaG 0.4.5 SD card reader possibly broken.
Macmini5,3 NO N/A N/A N/A N/A
Macmini6,1 YES cicofz Stock 0.0.21
Stig124 0.0.19
mwidjaya 0.0.18
MykolaG 0.4.5
Macmini6,2 Shelbs 0.0.16
Macmini7,1 YES MykolaG 0.4.5
Macmini8,1 0.4.5
SMBIOS Tested Tester Model Version Comment
iMac7,1 YES lulujyc Upgraded 0.3.1 Upgraded with BCM94352HMB

The USB 1.1 controller is unstable on Big Sur+, using USB hubs (forcing USB 2.0) can fix unrecognized keyboard/ mouse.
iMac8,1 YES EduCovas Stock 0.0.21 N/A
iMac9,1 YES Allanrfox
iMac10,1 YES Ausdauersportler Upgraded Unknown Upgraded with WX4150
iMac11,1 internetzel Upgraded RX580 mobile
iMac11,2 MykolaG Stock 0.0.21 N/A
vinaypundith Unknown 0.0.19
iMac11,3 Ausdauersportler Upgraded 0.0.21 Upgraded with Polaris GPU and BCM943602CDP
iMac12,1 YES shnockdu Upgraded with Kepler GPU
StephN999 Upgraded with WX4150 GPU and BCM94360CD
iMac12,2 Ausdauersportler Upgraded with Polaris GPU and BCM943602CDP
iMac13,1 YES alexx17xx Stock 0.0.19 N/A
iMac13,2 Alain13
iMac13,3 NO N/A N/A N/A
iMac14,1 YES woefi Upgraded 0.0.21 Upgraded NVMe
mikeboss Stock 0.0.19 N/A
iMac14,2 OKonnel 0.0.22
mibaxx 0.0.21
iMac14,3 StupeFied 0.4.5
iMac15,1 YES JakubMazur Upgraded 0.4.1 Upgraded RAM, Radeon R9 M295X and Quad-Core Intel Core i7
Mac Pro
SMBIOS Tested Tester Model Version Comment
MacPro3,1 YES MykolaG Upgraded 0.1.6 Upgraded RX 470 and BCM94360CD.
Stock Bluetooth card removed.
christiann 0.0.21 Upgraded RX 560 and BCM94322.
Stock Bluetooth card removed.
gw463 0.0.22 Upgraded GTX 680 and BCM94360
AlexSakha67 0.0.20 Upgraded R9 280
nekton1 Upgraded GTX 680
Pri-est Unknown 0.0.9 N/A
vinaypundith Upgraded 0.0.6 Upgraded with GTX 680 and BCM94360CD.
ParaDoX1994 0.4.4 Upgraded with HD 7950.
Stock Bluetooth card removed.
MacPro4,1 YES vinaypundith Unknown 0.0.9 N/A
MacPro5,1 woefi Upgraded 0.0.21 Upgraded with RX 580.
Mabrouk Oscar Unknown N/A
astuffedtiger Flashed 0.0.18 MacPro4,1 flashed to 5,1