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The Config.plist in a Nutshell

Before continuing, you need a bit of knowledge about the config.plist which is a structured text document (XML) that provides OpenCore with the instructions that it needs to customize your laptop to boot and use macOS. It is a complex, and sometimes daunting dictionary of key value pairs. There are a variety of tools available to help configure it, here are a few to help get you started.

ProperTree - This is a cross platform plist editor written by CorpNewt that works on Windows, Linux, and macOS. It's a very simple, but very powerful tool that simplifies changing parameters while also helping ensure you don't break formatting rules.

Download ProperTree from Github.

XCode - You probably don't want (Or need) to install an entire development suite for editing your plist, but it is an option so it's worth mentioning. If you're looking to take a tank to a knife fight, XCode can be installed through the App Store. It is also woth noting that Xcode has issues editing plists starting with Xcode 11.

PlistBuddy - This is a command line utility that's built into macOS. It's a great utility for making changes to plist files from scripts or the command line.

$ /usr/libexec/PlistBuddy --help

Making your own Config.plist

OpenCore config files (and EFIs in general) tend to be very similar to Desktop ones. Because of this, I will link you to Hackintosh Slav's guide again to set up the Config.plist.

When following the guides below:

  • DO NOT insert SSDT-EC. On the next page, we'll go over how to rename the EC already existing within your ACPI tables.
  • Instead of using the imac models provided in the guide, use one of the models provided by the table below each link (Generally choose the one that matches your laptop closest)

Remember that anytime you add a Kext, Driver, Tool, or SSDT, you need to add it to your Config.plist. The OC Snapshot tool from ProperTree can automatically add these for you.

Ivy Bridge

Model Graphics Size Year
MacBookPro9,1 HD 4000/GeForce GT 650M 15" 2012
MacBookPro9,2 HD 4000 13" 2012
MacBookPro10,1 HD 4000/GeForce T 650M 15" 2012/13
MacBookPro10,2 HD 4000 13" 2012/13


Model Graphics Size Year
MacBookPro11,1 Irs 5100 13" 2013/14
MacBookPro11,2 Irs Pro 5200 15" 2013/14
MacBookPro11,3 Irs Pro 5200/GeForce GT 750M 15" 2013/14
MacBookPro11,4 Irs Pro M5200 15" 2015
MacBookPro11,5 Irs Pro 5200/Radeon R9 M370x 15" 2015

Broadwell (Uses Haswell config)

Model Graphics Size Year
MacBookPro12,1 Iris 6100 13" 2015


Model Graphics Size Year
MacBookPro13,1 Iris 540 13" 2016
MacBookPro13,2 Iris 550 13" 2016
MacBookPro13,3 HD 530/Radeon Pro 450 15" 2016

Kaby Lake

Model Graphics Size Year
MacBookPro14,1 Iris Plus 640 13" 2017
MacBookPro14,2 Iris Plus 650 13" 2017
MacBookPro14,3 HD 630/Radeon Pro 555 15" 2017

Coffee Lake

Model Graphics Size Year
MacBookPro15,1 UHD 630/Radeon Pro 555X 15" 2018
MacBookPro15,2 Iris Plus 655 13" 2018
MacBookPro15,3 UHD 630/Vega 16/20 15" 2018
MacBookPro15,4 Iris Plus 645 13" 2019

Coffee Lake Refresh (14nm +++++++++++++++++++)

Model Graphics Size Year
MacBookPro16,1 UHD 630/Radeon Pro 5300M 16" 2019

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