1. Overview

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So you want to hackintosh a laptop? Willing to spend hours days troubleshooting various parts of your laptop? Well, here's the vanilla laptop guide for you. This guide will explain everything you need to know to hackintosh a laptop. This is not a quick way to get a cheap MacBook - this should only be seen as a hobby project and never relied on unless you completely understand what you're doing and know how to fix things when things break. If you need a daily driver MacBook, we recommend looking elsewhere like the used market on eBay, Facebook, etc. For those who are either masochists, want a challenge, or want to see how far you can get, this guide is for you!

1.1. Before you begin


We can't stress this enough. If you don't know your hardware and don't know how to find it, hackintoshing probably isn't for you. Device Manager, Speccy and google are your friends here.


This is not a very welcoming community for people who do not want to do some self-study and learn from other's findings and instead wait for someone to spoon-feed them information and make things work for them. Read The Fucking Manual and work your way through it and do some intense googling.

1.2. Process

  1. Making macOS installer (either through the offline or online installer)
  2. Install OpenCore bootloader
  3. Gathering Kexts/Drivers
  4. Modifying ACPI
  5. Configuring OpenCore
  6. Installation
  7. Post-Install
    • Audio
    • Installing bootloader to hard drive
    • Power Management
    • Security/FileVault
    • Etc.

If you're ready, go to the next page.

Good Luck! 🎊

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