1. Creating our config

Now comes the fun part, making our config.plist. Follow your respective section for configuring, the typical breakdown of how to follow:

Ivy Bridge

  • 3XXX series, 2012 era


  • 4XXX series, 2013 era


  • 5XXX series, 2014 era


  • 6XXX series, 2015-2016 era

Kaby Lake

  • 7XXX series, 2017 era
  • Kaby Lake-R and Amber Lake also apply

Coffee Lake(8th Gen)

  • 8XXX series, 2017-2018 era

Coffee Lake Plus(9th Gen)

  • 9XXX series, 2019 era
  • Comet Lake also applies(10XXX series)


  • 10XXX series, 2019-2020 era
  • Do not mix this and Comet Lake up
  • Guide still under testing as WhateverGreen needs updating

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