# Wireless

For wireless, keep in mind that macOS has a very limited selection for native Wifi and Bluetooth cards but Midi has a great list on supported models that you can find in the r/Hackintosh FAQ. But for those who are either motherboard shopping or just looking for dedicated wireless will need to keep in mind that the following wireless cards are not supported:

Wireless cards that aren't supported AT ALL

  • Any Intel based wireless(Bluetooth sometimes works but it's inconsistent and seems to be on a per system basis)
  • Any Killer based wireless

Wireless cards to avoid

  • Any USB based(Ralink and Realtek) as these generally aren't as reliable and some macOS functions like Hand-Off and AppleWatch Unlock may not function correctly

And for those who want a list of supported models can check out the Wireless Buyers Guide

Last Updated: 4/22/2020, 2:50:41 PM