# Wireless

For wireless, keep in mind that macOS has a very limited selection for native Wifi and Bluetooth cards but Midi has a great list on supported models that you can find in the r/Hackintosh FAQ (opens new window). But for those who are either motherboard shopping or just looking for dedicated wireless will need to keep in mind that the following wireless cards are not supported:

Wireless cards that aren't supported AT ALL

  • Any Intel based wireless(Bluetooth sometimes works but it's inconsistent and seems to be on a per system basis)
  • Any Killer based wireless

Wireless cards to avoid

  • Any USB based (Ralink and Realtek) as these generally aren't as reliable and some macOS functions like Handoff and Apple Watch Unlock may not function correctly

And for those who want a list of supported models can check out the Wireless Buyers Guide (opens new window)

Last Updated: 10/20/2020, 2:18:05 PM