Note: This post was originally supposed to go up on 2021-10-04. We are sorry for the delay.

A message from vit9696

Hello everyone,

This update brings full support to macOS 12, which we expect to land this fall. Please make sure to refresh your setups and try to avoid updating mission critical systems as early as possible to avoid surprises just as usual.

Among the notable bootloader changes there are Apple Secure Boot refinements, which resolved macOS Monterey installation and update issues, Linux boot bugfixes and improved documentation for better compatibility with Linux distros, as well as issues with older hardware fixed.

For kexts we included Intel Ice Lake refinements which were discovered by @kingo132 and @m0d16l14n1 and contributed by @0xFirewolf into WhateverGreen. In addition, more compatibility updates to CPUTscSync by @lvs1974, regression fixes in VoodooPS2 by @1Revenger1, and networking support in MacHyperVSupport by @Goldfish64.

We hope you like the progress going smoothly and wish you a nice autumn upgrade.

— Vit