Note: This post was originally supposed to go up on 2022-02-07. We are sorry for the delay.

A message from vit9696

Good evening,

We have just released one more stability upgrade:

  • Thanks to @mikebeaton, OpenCore will finally work correctly with SIP values, OpenLinuxBoot will no longer crash on partially valid setups, and AudioDxe will work as normal with older macOS versions.
  • @Goldfish64 updated RestrictEvents to work with older macOS versions and also fixed its configuration abilities, making them more logical.
  • With the help of @Sergey-Galan and others, more codec controller patches were updated to the new format, resolving some HDMI issues in AppleALC.
  • @mikebeaton also updated alc-verb to more closely resemble hda-verb behaviour in Linux to increase the interoperability.
  • AirportBrcmFixup was updated by @lvs1974 to be more stable on macOS 12.1+.
  • @Ph-FrX fixed several backlight issues in WhateverGreen on Ice Lake platforms.

While that makes it for today, we are currently working on improving bootloader security and reliability.

Stay safe,

— Vit


OpenCore 0.7.8

Lilu 1.6.0

FeatureUnlock 1.0.6

WhateverGreen 1.5.7

gfxutil 1.83b

RestrictEvents 1.0.7

AirportBrcmFixup 2.1.4

CpuTscSync 1.0.6

AppleALC 1.6.9