Acidanthera Updates: A message from PMheart

Embracing the final release of macOS Ventura and following Halloween, we entered November 2022.

Overall speaking, OpenCore 0.8.6 brings several groundbreaking changes. To begin with, @mikebeaton updated the LogoutHook script for the compatibility with earlier versions of macOS and brought the capability of automatic installation as launch daemon/logout hook on Yosemite and above. As well, @mikebeaton fixed a recursive loop crash and early logging failure, and resolved wake-from-sleep failure on EFI 1.1 systems. After months of hard work, @mhaeuser has brought the most impressive feature in this release, dwell-clicking, to our bootloader. As always, @Andrey1970AppleLife ensures that firmware/SMBIOS info is up-to-date.

After nearly one year of hibernation, MaciASL got a minor improvement where line number breaking during scroll has been fixed, thanks to @SkyrilHD.

For AppleALC 1.7.6, we would like to thank @anderson-suga, @andreszerocross, @mishurov, and @RockJesus for their contributions to our audio configuration database.

In CryptexFixup 1.0.1, @khronokernel added support for in-OS macOS installation via Install on Big Sur and newer. As well, he refactored model patch set detection, and replaced the previously unused boot argument -disable_uni_control with -disable_sidecar_mac in FeatureUnlock 1.1.0. Last but not least, in RestrictEvents 1.0.9, the new revblock userspace processes blocking is added, together with displaypolicyd blocking for genuine MacBookPro9,1/10,1, mediaanalysisd for Metal 1 GPUs on Ventura, and conditional blocking for PCIe/memory notifications on MacPro7,1 SMBIOS.


— PMheart


OpenCorePkg 0.8.6

  • Updated NVRAM save script for compatibilty with earlier macOS (Snow Leopard+ tested)
  • Updated NVRAM save script to automatically install as launch daemon (Yosemite+) or logout hook (older macOS)
  • Fixed maximum click duration and double click speed for non-standard poll frequencies
  • Added support for pointer dwell-clicking
  • Fixed recursive loop crash at first non-early log line on some systems
  • Fixed early log preservation when using unsafe fast file logging
  • Updated builtin firmware versions for SMBIOS and the rest
  • Resolved wake-from-sleep failure on EFI 1.1 systems (including earlier Macs) with standalone emulated NVRAM driver
  • Updated macrecovery commands with macOS 12 and 13, thx @Core-i99
  • Updates SSDT-BRG0 with macOS-specific STA to avoid compatibility issues on Windows, thx @Lorys89
  • Fixed memory issues in OpenLinuxBoot causing crashes on 32-bit UEFI firmware

MaciASL 1.6.3

  • Fix line number breaking during scroll, thanks to @SkyrilHD

AppleALC 1.7.6

  • Added ALC298 layout-id 33 for surface laptop 1gen by
  • Added ALC255 layout-id 23for Acer Aspire A515-54G by anderson-suga
  • Added ALC897 combo jack mic layout-id 22 for CHUWI CoreBook X by mishurov
  • Added ALC897 layout-id 21 for OPS Computer by Andres ZeroCross

CryptexFixup 1.0.1

  • Allow in-OS Install usage on Big Sur and newer

FeatureUnlock 1.1.0

  • Refactored model patch set detection
    • Implemented proper VMM detection for AirPlay to Mac on Ventura
    • Avoids unnessary patching on supported models (ex. NightShift on 2012+)
  • Removed unused -disable_uni_control boot argument
    • Was non-functional previously, use -disable_sidecar_mac instead

RestrictEvents 1.0.9

  • Added revblock for user configuration of blocking processes
  • Added additional process blocking:
    • gmux * block displaypolicyd on Big Sur+ (for genuine MacBookPro9,1/10,1)
    • media * block mediaanalysisd on Ventura+ (for Metal 1 GPUs)
    • pci * block PCIe & memory notifications (for MacPro7,1 SMBIOS)
      • Previous unconditional
    • auto * same as pci, set by default