Acidanthera Updates: A message from PMheart

Hello. Sorry guys! I have been sick and busy moving, hence I skipped the February 2023 message.

While there is not much listed in the changelog, OpenCore 0.9.0 has improvements on graphics thanks to @mikebeaton, including verbose boot log appearance, versioning information for the EnableGop UI tool, and AMD support and GOP offset auto-detection, with which macOS 10.11+ gets support for the EnableGop vBIOS insertion script. As well, the quirk ProvideCurrentCpuInfo now supports macOS 13.3 DP. Lastly, we included precompiled EDK-II EfiRom and GenFfs in Utilities/BaseTools with OpenCore releases.

For many years, AppleALC 1.8.0 enlarges its codec and layout database again with new and improved support for ALC274 (layout-id 28), ALC256 (layout-id 95), and ALC236 (layout-id 55) thanks to contributions from @Tweakkinn, @Floron, and @8DireZ3.

As a minor improvement, MaciASL 1.6.4 deletes broken URLs patches.

In the wake of stability, VirtualSMC 1.3.1 includes a tiny fix for smcread -l output.

VoodooPS2 2.3.4 introduces two fixes: device count detection when ps2rst=0 is set, and handleClose not being called by VoodooInput, thanks to @1Revenger1.

Last but not least, Lilu 1.6.4 adds AMD IGPU detection.


— PMheart


OpenCorePkg 0.9.0

  • Resolved issues with verbose boot log appearing over picker graphics
  • Added version number to EnableGop UI section, so tool builders can track it
  • Added ProvideCurrentCpuInfo support for macOS 13.3 DP
  • Added AMD support, GOP offset auto-detection and macOS 10.11+ support to EnableGop vBIOS insertion script
  • Included precompiled EDK-II EfiRom and GenFfs in Utilities/BaseTools with OpenCore releases

AppleALC 1.8.0

  • Fixed ALC274 layout-id 28 in/out 3.5mm jacks audio by Tweakkinn
  • Added ALC256 layout-id 95 for Honor MagicBook Pro HBB-WAH9 by Floron
  • Added ALC236 layout-id 55 for HP-240G8 by 8DireZ3

MaciASL 1.6.4

  • Deleted broken URLs patches

VirtualSMC 1.3.1

  • Fixed smcread -l output

VoodooPS2 2.3.4

  • Fixed device count detection when ps2rst=0 is set
  • Fixed handleClose not being called by VoodooInput

Lilu 1.6.4

  • Added AMD IGPU detection