Acidanthera Updates: A message from PMheart

Hello folks! We are late, but 2023.05 releases are worth waiting.

First, OpenCore 0.9.2 brings significant improvements on GopBurstMode thanks to @mikebeaton: guard checks which ensure that it is not arbitrarily turned on; compatibility with non-standard GOP implementations; fix for potential hang on DEBUG builds; and even support for natively supported cards. The other fixes and improvements cannot be neglected either: @CaseySJ introduces a new kext quirk DisableIoMapperMapping which resolves conflicts in AppleVTD. As well, @vit9696 ensures that single user mode is disabled when Apple Secure Boot is enabled. Following the fix of ThirdPartyDrives on macOS 13.3 and above, ExternalDiskIcons also functions correctly now, thanks to @fusion71au. The Builtin text renderer receives various updates, together with the new InitialMode. Also, LogModules now supports a new ? filter for matching non-standard log lines. Last but not least, AppleCpuPmCfgLock is enabled back on macOS 13, to patch the injected AppleIntelCPUPowerManagement kext. There are also other minor improvements. Please review the full changelog below.

Lilu 1.6.5 can now detect Recovery and Installer mode on macOS 13, too. Thus, it is essential to upgrade together with plugin kexts.

As always, we continue to appreciate contributions to AppleALC database, including ALC1220 layout-id 18 for Gigabyte Z490 Aorus Master by hgsshaanxi, and layout-id 21 for ALC298 on X270 by MKjanek32. There are bundled in AppleALC 1.8.2.

RestrictEvents 1.1.1 fixes f16c patch misreporting other hw.optional features.

Last but not least, BrcmPatchRAM 2.6.6 integrates firmware for legacy BCM20702A1, thanks to @chapuza.


— PMheart


OpenCorePkg 0.9.2

  • Added DisableIoMapperMapping quirk, thx @CaseySJ
  • Fixed disabling single user mode when Apple Secure Boot is enabled
  • Improved guard checks for GopBurstMode on systems where it’s not needed
  • Improved compatibility of GopBurstMode with some very non-standard GOP implementations
  • Fixed possible hang with GopBurstMode enabled on DEBUG builds
  • Enabled GopBurstMode even with natively supported cards, in EnableGop firmware driver
  • Fixed inability to patch force-injected kexts
  • Fixed ExternalDiskIcons quirk on macOS 13.3+, thx @fusion71au
  • Fixed various recent reversions and some longer-standing minor bugs in Builtin text renderer
  • Applied some additional minor optimizations to Builtin text renderer
  • Implemented InitialMode option to allow fine control over text renderer operating mode
  • Added support for ConsoleMode text resolution setting to Builtin renderer
  • Fixed regression for ACPI quirks RebaseRegions and SyncTableIds
  • Updated build process to provide stable and bleeding-edge versions of EnableGop
  • Implemented minor improvements in PickerMode Apple
  • Improved filtering algorithm for LogModules and added ? filter for matching non-standard log lines
  • Fixed crash when gathering system report on virtualised CPUs
  • Fixed unnecessary warning when first booting with emulated NVRAM
  • Enabled AppleCpuPmCfgLock quirk on macOS 13

AppleALC 1.8.2

  • Added ALC1220 layout-id 18 for Gigabyte Z490 Aorus Master by hgsshaanxi
  • Fixed LayoutId 21 for ALC298 on X270 by MKjanek32

RestrictEvents 1.1.1

  • Fixed f16c patch misreporting other hw.optional features

BrcmPatchRAM 2.6.6

  • Added firmware for legacy BCM20702A1 (thx @chapuza)

Lilu 1.6.5

  • Fixed macOS 13+ recovery and installer detection