# What GPU to get

Please make sure to read GPUs to Avoid First as there's important info there

So you just want a GPU recommendation? Well honestly in the current situation the only cards we'd recommend would be from AMD that are either Polaris(Rx 4xx, 5xx) or newer as GCN 3 and older can lose support at any time. Here are the cards we recommend and do remember that reference cards are generally the safest solution.

# Fanless GPUs(0 DB)

Unfortunately the variety for fanless GPUs are quite small, while there are many GPUs with fan-stop these aren't perfect solutions. Models with no fan at all are limited to either GT 1030s which are unsupported past High Sierra or the GT 710 which is unsupported past Big Sur.

# Fanless models

None available

Fan-Stop models(no fan spin under 50/60C generally):

# Vega(Fan Stop)

Fan-Stop models(no fan spin under 50/60C generally):

# Polaris(Fan Stop)

Fan-Stop models(no fan spin under 50/60C generally):

# Single Slot GPUs

# Vega

# Polaris

# Half-height GPUs

# AMD: GCN 1-3

# AMD: Polaris

# The Most Powerful GPUs

While it may seem obvious that the most powerful GPU would be the Radeon VII, do keep in mind drivers aren't as mature as Vega 10's drivers. For the best reliability you'll want to either grab a Vega 10 series GPU(RX Vega 64)or wait for the issues with the MacPro7,1 to be ironed out.

# Cheapest Hackintosh GPUs

  • Literally whatever iGPU came with your CPU

# Overall Best Hackintosh GPUs

# Polaris

# Vega