# KVM Configurations

For users who plan to boot with a KVM(Kernel Virtual Machine) configuration should pay attention to the below:

A very important thing to note with GCN-based AMD GPUs is that they experience what is known as the "reset bug". What this refers to is when you shut down the macOS VM, the GPU can enter a bad state that requires the host itself to reboot. Unfortunately while AMD still hasn't released a proper fix for this, there are some options available(Note they are not 1 size fits all, so they may require some tinkering on your end):

And regarding how to avoid GPUs with this issue, we recommend the following:

  • Try to follow as close to reference design GPUs
    • Sapphire makes AMD's reference GPUs so they're the go-to vendor
  • Avoid OEMs who commonly make heavily modified VBIOS
    • XFX, PowerColor, HIS and VisionTek are the main brands to avoid
  • Any 7950/70 or 280/X that supports UEFI boot
  • Any 7850/70 or 270/X that supports UEFI boot
  • Any FirePro Card Based on CGN 1.0 that supports UEFI boot
    • FirePro W7000, 8000, 9000, and D300, 500, 700 Cards
  • Any RX 4XX/5XX Sapphire card
    • There's still issues with regular Polaris GPUs so pay close attention