# Contributing

# Developing icon sets

Creating icons for OpenCanopy is actually quite simple. Once you've ensured that you've created your desired images according to OpenCore's recommended specification (opens new window), you can use OpenCore's bundled icnspack(Under Utilities/icnspack) to convert .png's to supported .icons:

# Example usage
./icnspack icon-x1.png icon-x2.png

Additionally, chris1111 has created a great tool for users to create their own icon sets:

# Contributing a media set

To contribute a media set to OpenCanopy gallery, we recommend taking a peak at how our site is handled on Github (opens new window). A basic technical break down is as follows:

Once you have a basic graps of how the repository works, we recommend users fork and clone the guide locally with a Git Client (opens new window) for easy of use.

To build sites locally, you'll need to run the following workflow (with NPM (opens new window) installed):

# Install required dependancies
npm install
# Build Locally
npm run build

Once you're done making changes, you can create a pull request (opens new window) on our guide and have our team review the changes.