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When and what kexts to use


This is needed to fix wifi on many Broadcom cards, while not all of them need them it's generally required when using non-apple manufactured wireless cards. This also has the added functionality of injecting old Broadcom kexts into newer versions of macOS.


  • Apple Airport and Fenvi cards do not need this kext


Required for all non-apple manufactured wireless cards due to how Firmware is handled. This is actually a bundle of multiple kexts:

  • BrcmBluetoothInjector
  • BrcmFirmwareData
  • BrcmPatchRAM fix:
    • BrcmPatchRAM3 for 10.14+ (must be paired with BrcmBluetoothInjector)
    • BrcmPatchRAM2 for 10.11-10.14
    • BrcmPatchRAM for 10.10 or older


  • Apple Airport and Fenvi cards do not need these kexts
  • OpenCore order is alphabetical: Injector -> Data -> RAM


Needed to fix odd Continuity issues which allow for the use of:

  • Handoff
  • Instant Hotspot
  • New Airdrop
  • Apple Watch Unlock

Generally unneeded so avoid use when you notice issues with your card


  • Apple Airport and Fenvi cards shouldn't need this kext
  • Continuity requires a Bluetooth 4.0 Low Energy supported card


This kext is required for all Atheros chipsets that had support dropped in Mojave, these include:

  • AR9285
  • AR9287
  • AR9280
  • AR9380

To install the AirPortAtheros40, you have 2 methods:

  • Kext injection via bootloader
  • Installation into macOS(Library/Extensions)

The first method is recommended, the second should be avoided but may work better for some users. Test injection first

For macOS installation:

You'll need to copy it to Library/Extensions(NOT System/Library/Extensions) and then run the following command:

sudo chown -R root:wheel /L*/E*; sudo chmod -R 755 /L*/E*; sudo kextcache -i /

Catalina users note: These methods no longer works without backporting the entire IO80211 framework, this is not ideal for stability reasons


To be paired with AirPortAtheros40 to fix support for many atheros cards, similar idea to AirportBrcmFixup

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