# Dualbooting on different disks

I will not get too long in this part as it's the EASIEST one:

  • Install macOS on one of the disks
  • Install $(SECONDOS) on the other disk
  • Install/copy OpenCore on the macOS disk EFI
  • You're good to go

Things to keep in mind:

  • Windows can be a bitch when it comes to multidisk setups (it freaks out when it sees a lot of EFI partitions on a lot of disks)
  • If the above happens, disable/disconnect all the other disks and install windows as you would normally do
  • You can still refer to other situations if you want to dualboot more than one OS on one of the disks.
  • Make sure that OpenCore is on the same disk of macOS for easier troubleshooting and cleaner setup