# OpenCore Post-Install

Welcome to the OpenCore Post-Install guide! Please note that if you have not installed macOS yet, we recommend you follow our install guide:

And while the info here can be applied to both OpenCore and Clover, we primarily focus on OpenCore installations. So you will need to research a bit more if you run into any issues.

# How to follow this guide

To start, not every section in this guide must be complete. It's up to each user whether they feel they want to add the finishing touches or resolve certain issues

This guide is split into 8 sections:

  • Universal
    • All users are recommended to follow
  • USB Fixes
    • All users are recommended to follow as well
  • Security
    • For those who care about security and privacy.
  • Laptop Specifics
    • Laptop users are recommended to follow in addition to the above
  • Cosmetics
    • Cosmetics like OpenCore GUI and removing verbose screen output during boot
  • Multiboot
    • Recommendations for users who are multi-booting
  • Miscellaneous
    • Other misc fixes, not all users will require these fixes
  • GPU Patching
    • A more in-depth look into patching macOS to support various GPU hardware variations

# Universal

# USB Fixes

# Security

# Laptop Specifics

# Cosmetics

# Multiboot

# Miscellaneous

  • Fixing RTC
    • Helps resolve RTC/CMOS/safe-mode reboot issues.
  • Fixing CFG Lock
    • Allows use to remove some kernel patches for better stability
  • Emulated NVRAM
    • For users who have broken NVRAM, or need to test it.

# GPU Patching