# Fixing System Clocks (SSDT-AWAC/RTC0)

# What this SSDT does

The purpose of SSDT-AWAC/RTC0 is to fix the system clocks found on newer hardware, maily found in the following:

  • B360
  • B365
  • H310
  • H370
  • Z370 (Gigabyte and AsRock boards with newer BIOS versions)
  • Z390
  • B460
  • Z490
  • 400 series (Comet Lake, including Z490)
  • 495 series (Icelake)
  • X299X (10th Gen refresh, AsRock and Asus don't use the -x naming so you'll need to double check)

SSDT-AWAC tries to re-enable the old RTC clock that is compatible with macOS, while SSDT-RTC0 will instead create a "fake" RTC clock if there is no legacy one to enable.

# Methods to make this SSDT

For the RTC fix, there are 2 methods you can choose from:

Last Updated: 5/31/2020, 5:54:37 AM