# Cleanup

So you've made all your SSDTs but now there's one thing left: Adding them to OpenCore

The 2 main locations:

You can save yourself some work with the config.plist by running Cmd/Ctrl+R in ProperTree. Reminder do not add your DSDT.aml to your EFI

For those who do not yet have a config.plist, you'll want to next head back to your respective OpenCore guides and create the config.plist:

Users of FixHPET will also need to merge oc_patches.plist into their config.plist

Steps to do this:

  • Open both files,
  • Delete the ACPI -> Patch section from config.plist
  • Copy the ACPI -> Patch section from patches.plist
  • Paste into where old patches were in config.plist