# Fixing Embedded Controller (SSDT-EC/USBX)

# What this SSDT does

The purpose of SSDT-EC/UBX is a couple things:

  • On desktops, the EC(or better known as the embedded controller) isn't compatible with AppleACPIEC driver, to get around this we disable this device when running macOS
  • AppleBusPowerController will look for a device named EC, so we will want to create a fake device for this kext to load onto
    • AppleBusPowerController also requires a USBX device to supply USB power properties for Skylake and newer, so we will bundle this device in with the EC fix
  • On laptops, the EC is used for hotkeys and battery so disabling this isn't all too ideal. Problem is our EC's name isn't compatible, so we will create a simple "fake" EC device that will satisfy Apple


  • EC is embedded controller
  • Desktops will want real EC off, and a fake EC created
  • Laptops will just want an additional fake EC present
  • Skylake and newer devices will want USBX as well

# Methods to make this SSDT

For the EC fix, there are 3 methods you can choose from:

  • Prebuilt
    • The prebuilt for desktops are very bloated. It's recommended to use the two methods below.
    • The Laptop prebuilts are easily usable.
  • SSDTTime
    • Note this method does not support laptops, servers or HEDT systems
  • Manual
Last Updated: 6/18/2020, 3:32:02 PM