# Pre-Built SSDTs

This is mainly for users who are having troubles either compiling, decompiling or understanding the overall process of ACPI. The main reasons you'd want to avoid is for the following:

  • Slowing down the boot process
    • Mainly because these SSDTs have to go through every possible pathing
    • At most, this only adds 2 seconds to the boot process, and does not affect macOS itself
  • Doesn't always work
    • The SSDTs provided can only handle so many situations, and some may in fact not work
    • Mainly seen with SSDT-AWAC, as it assumes there is a way the RTC can be easily enabled
  • Teaches nothing
    • This is the biggest issue as you have no real idea on how to troubleshoot or how to make these files down the line

Please refer to Choosing the SSDTs page for which your system needs.

# Power Management

For Haswell and newer:

For Ivy Bridge and older, see the Optimizing Power Management page. This will be done after install. AMD CPU users do not need any SSDTs for power management.

# B550 Fix

For AMD B550 users, you must include this SSDT to boot:

Note that X570 and older boards do not need this SSDT.

# Embedded Controllers

For desktops:

For laptops:

# Trackpad

Used for enabling Windows only features in macOS with I2C trackpads, do note that the below patches will more than likely break Windows booting via OpenCore(this issue is mitigated if booting by BIOS instead). We highly encourage you to make one yourself to prevent any issues down the line: Trackpad GPI0

Note that PS2 keyboards and trackpads shouldn't need this SSDT+Patch.

Comment String Change _OSI to XOSI
Enabled Boolean YES
Count Number 0
Limit Number 0
Find Data 5f4f5349
Replace Data 584f5349

# Backlight

For laptops and all-in-one desktops, fixies brightness control support

# System Clock(AWAC)

Mainly needed for newer systems running AWAC based system clocks, mainly relevant for Z390 and newer(Gigabyte and AsRock however did back-port it to Z370 with a BIOS update)

The biggest issue with this prebuilt is that we're just guessing you both have an AWAC clock and that it can be turned off, I highly encourage you to make one yourself to really know whether you both need this and if it's going to work: AWAC vs RTC


Needed to bring back NVRAM support for Z390 , DO NOT USE ON Z370 or older or Z490 and newer

Note: Desktop Z490 boards seem to not need this, though if you're having NVRAM issues you can try this SSDT.

Reminder only the following need this SSDT:

  • B360
  • B365
  • H310
  • H370
  • Z390


Needed for 10th gen Asus motherboards, Gigabyte and AsRock motherboards don't need this:

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