# Clover Boot Arg Conversion

This section is mainly used for explaining what boot-args are no longer relevant, it's quite common for users to be still carrying legacy args which have little to no real affect in newer versions of macOS or have little use in OpenCore

This list is based of memory and an annoyed self with seeing these flags keep popping up, got other flags to add then I recommend opening an issue (opens new window). All help is welcomed!

# macOS flags


  • Used for disabling VT-D support
  • With Clover, when this flag was present it would also drop your DMAR table from ACPI
  • This flag also requires SIP to be disabled in macOS 10.15 Catalina, so with OpenCore this flag is no longer recommended and instead replaced with Kernel -> Quirks -> DisableIoMapper


  • Used for allowing unsigned kexts to be loaded, flag only present in Yosemite
  • CSR_ALLOW_UNSIGNED_KEXTS bit to be flipped in csr-active-config NVRAM variable for newer releases
  • This is not needed on OpenCore due to the kernel injection method used: Attaching to the prelinked kernel

# Kexts flags

nvda_drv=1: Used for enabling Nvidia's Web Drivers, no longer works in macOS 10.12

  • This flag was actually turned into nvda_drv_vrl=1 for Sierra and High Sierra

# Chameleon flags

For some reason people kept using these flags into Clover which had no effect, and so we really need to stop the train on this one with OpenCore


  • This sets the _UID of Device (PCI0) to whatever the value is, supposedly needed on legacy AMD GPUs but this is debatable. Ironically Clover still uses this flag but most users know it from Chameleon. Source (opens new window)




  • Enables cacheless booting on Chameleon and Clover, OpenCore has a slightly different option under Kernel -> Scheme -> KernelCache and set the entry to Cacheless
    • Currently cacheless booting is only supported on 64-bit kernels from OS X 10.6 to 10.9