# OpenCore Boot Issues

Issues surrounding from initial booting the USB itself to right before you choose to boot the macOS installer

# Stuck on a black screen before picker

This is likely some error either on your firmware or OpenCore, specifically it's having troubles loading all the drivers and presenting the menu. The best way to diagnose it is via OpenCore's DEBUG Build and checking the logs whether OpenCore actually loaded, and if so what is it getting stuck on.

Situations where OpenCore did not load:

  • If there are no logs present even after setting up the DEBUG version of OpenCore with Target set to 67, there's likely an issue either with:

Situations where OpenCore did load:

  • Check the last line printed in your logs, there will likely be either a .efi driver that's been loaded or some form of ASSERT
    • For ASSERT's, you'll want to actually inform the developers about this issue here: Acidanthera's Bugtracker (opens new window)
    • For .efi drivers getting stuck, check over the following:
      • HfsPlus.efi load issues:
      • HiiDatabase.efi load issues:
        • Likely your firmware already supports HiiDatabase, so the driver is conflicting. Simply remove the driver as you don't need it.

# Stuck on no vault provided!

Turn off Vaulting in your config.plist under Misc -> Security -> Vault by setting it to:

  • Optional

If you have already executed the sign.command you will need to restore the OpenCore.efi file as the 256 byte RSA-2048 signature has been shoved in. Can grab a new copy of OpenCore.efi here: OpenCorePkg (opens new window)

Note: Vault and FileVault are 2 separate things, see Security and FileVault (opens new window) for more details

# Stuck on OC: Invalid Vault mode

This is likely a spelling mistake, options in OpenCore are case-sensitive so make sure you check closely, Optional is the correct way to enter it under Misc -> Security -> Vault

# Can't see macOS partitions

Main things to check:

  • ScanPolicy set to 0 to show all drives
  • Have the proper firmware drivers such as HfsPlus(Note ApfsDriverLoader shouldn't be used in 0.5.8)
  • Set UnblockFsConnect to True in config.plist -> UEFI -> Quirks. Needed for some HP systems
  • Set SATA Mode: AHCI in BIOS
  • Set UEFI -> APFS to see APFS based drives:
    • EnableJumpstart: YES
    • HideVerbose: NO
    • If running older versions of High Sierra(ie. 10.13.5 or older), set the following:
      • MinDate: -1
      • MinVersion: -1

# Stuck on OCB: OcScanForBootEntries failure - Not Found

This is due to OpenCore being unable to find any drives with the current ScanPolicy, setting to 0 will allow all boot options to be shown

  • Misc -> Security -> ScanPolicy -> 0

# Stuck on OCB: failed to match a default boot option

Same fix as OCB: OcScanForBootEntries failure - Not Found, OpenCore is unable to find any drives with the current ScanPolicy, setting to 0 will allow all boot options to be shown

  • Misc -> Security -> ScanPolicy -> 0

# Stuck on OCB: System has no boot entries

Same fix as the above 2:

  • Misc -> Security -> ScanPolicy -> 0

# Stuck on OCS: No schema for DSDT, KernelAndKextPatch, RtVariable, SMBIOS, SystemParameters...

This is due to either using a Clover config with OpenCore or using a configurator such as Mackie's Clover and OpenCore configurator. You'll need to start over and make a new config or figure out all the garbage you need to remove from your config. This is why we don't support configurators, they are known for these issues

  • Note: These same issues will also occur if you mix outdated configs with newer versions of OpenCore. Please update them accordingly

# Stuck on OC: Driver XXX.efi at 0 cannot be found

This is due to an entry being in your config.plist, however not present in your EFI. To resolve:

  • Ensure your EFI/OC/Drivers matches up with your config.plist -> UEFI -> Drivers
    • If not, please run Cmd/Ctrl+R with OpenCore to re-snapshot your config.plist

Note that the entries are case-sensitive.

# Receiving "Failed to parse real field of type 1"

This is due to a value set as real when it's not supposed to be, generally being that Xcode converted HaltLevel by accident:


To fix, swap real for integer:


# Can't select anything in the picker

This is due to either a few things

  • Incompatible keyboard driver:

  • Missing PS2 keyboard driver(Ignore if using a USB keyboard):

    • While most firmwares will include it by default, some laptops and older PCs may still need Ps2KeyboardDxe.efi (opens new window) to function correctly. Remember to add this to your config.plist as well

# SSDTs not being added

So with OpenCore, there's some extra security checks added around ACPI files, specifically that table length header must equal to the file size. This is actually the fault of iASL when you compiled the file. Example of how to find it:

* Original Table Header:
*     Signature        "SSDT"
*     Length           0x0000015D (349)
*     Revision         0x02
*     Checksum         0xCF
*     OEM ID           "ACDT"
*     OEM Table ID     "SsdtEC"
*     OEM Revision     0x00001000 (4096)
*     Compiler ID      "INTL"
*     Compiler Version 0x20190509 (538510601)

The Length and checksum value is what we care about, so if our SSDT is actually 347 bytes then we want to change Length to 0x0000015B (347)(the 015B is in HEX)

Best way to actually fix this is to grab a newer copy of iASL or Acidanthera's copy of MaciASL (opens new window) and remaking the SSDT

  • Note: MaciASL distributed by Rehabman are prone to ACPI corruption, please avoid it as they no longer maintain their repos

# Booting OpenCore reboots to BIOS

  • Incorrect EFI folder structure, make sure all of your OC files are within an EFI folder located on your ESP(EFI system partition)
Example of folder structure

Directory Structure from OpenCore's Documentation

# OCABC: Incompatible OpenRuntime r4, require r10

Outdated OpenRuntime.efi, make sure BOOTx64.efi, OpenCore.efi and OpenRuntime are all from the same exact build. Anything mismatched will break booting

  • Note: FwRuntimeServices has been renamed to OpenRuntime with 0.5.7 and newer

# Failed to open OpenCore image - Access Denied

On newer Microsoft Surface device firmwares, loading OpenCore will now result in a security violation even when Secure Boot is disabled. To resolve this, enable UEFI -> Quirks -> DisableSecurityPolicy in your config.plist. See here for more info: Failed to open OpenCore image - Access Denied #1446 (opens new window)

# OC: Failed to find SB model disable halting on critical error

This is a typo, ensure that in your config.plist Misc -> Security -> SecureBootModel is set to Disabled

# Legacy boot stuck on BOOT FAIL!

This error means that EFI/OC/OpenCore.efi could not be found on any partition. Double check that the EFI folder structure is correct.

Example of folder structure

Directory Structure from OpenCore's Documentation