# Creating the USB


  • OpenCorePkg (opens new window), highly recommend running the debug version to show more info
  • ProperTree (opens new window) to edit .plist files (OpenCore Configurator is another tool but is heavily outdated and the Mackie version is known for corruption. Please avoid these kinds of tools at all costs!).
  • You must remove Clover from your system entirely if you wish to use OpenCore as your main boot-loader. Keep a backup of your Clover based EFI. See here on what needs to be cleaned: Clover Conversion (opens new window)

# Online vs Offline Installer

Offline installers have a complete copy of macOS, while online installers are only a recovery image (~500MB) which then download macOS from Apple servers once booted.

  • Offline
    • Can only be made in macOS
    • Windows/Linux do not have the APFS/HFS drivers needed to assemble a full installer
  • Online
    • Can be made in macOS/Linux/Windows
    • Requires a working internet connection via a macOS supported network adapter on the target machine

# Making the Installer

Depending on which OS you're on, see your specific section on making the USB:

  • macOS users
    • Supports OS X 10.4 to current
    • Supports both legacy and UEFI installs
  • Windows users
    • Supports OS X 10.7 to current
    • Online installer only
    • Supports both legacy and UEFI installs
  • Linux users(UEFI)
    • Supports OS X 10.7 to current
    • Online installer only
    • Meant for machines supporting UEFI Boot