OpenCore Legacy Patcher

Experience macOS just like before

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Native OTA updates

Install updates the moment they come out, with native System Preferences support, just like a supported Mac.

Zero firmware patching

Using the capabilities of the OpenCore boot manager, our protocol upgrades are done in memory and are never permanent.

Supporting more hardware

New life is breathed into your decade-old graphics card, WiFi, and Bluetooth chipsets. Even your upgraded hardware receives benefits by unlocking exciting features like Hardware Acceleration, AirDrop, Apple Watch Unlock, Sidecar, and much more!

The newest features

Unlock Sidecar, AirPlay to Mac, Night Shift, and Universal Control, even on natively supported models!

A helpful community

Whether it's getting started or learning the specifics, you can always find answers with our amazing community of tinkerers, developers, and dreamers.