# What is OpenCore?

This is a sophisticated boot loader used to inject and patch data in memory, instead of on disk. This means we're able to get near-native experience on many unsupported Macs with Metal GPUs. This includes many of the long desired features of other patchers such as:

  • System Integrity Protection, FileVault 2, .im4m Secure Boot and Vaulting
  • Native OTA OS DELTA updates on all Macs
  • Recovery OS, Safe Mode and Single-user Mode booting
  • WPA Wifi and Personal Hotspot support

While many PC users from the Hackintosh community are familiar with OpenCore, OpenCore was designed as Mac and PC agnostic ensuring both platforms can use it easily. And with OpenCore Legacy Patcher, we help automate the process making running with OpenCore that much easier.

For advanced troubleshooting, we highly recommend users check out the OpenCore Patcher Paradise Discord Server (opens new window) as this is generally the quickest way to get a hold of us developers and get help from the community.

For those who wish to support this patcher, please see the Supporting the Patcher page

# Patcher Warnings

Since this patcher tricks macOS into thinking you're running a newer Mac, certain functionality may be broken:

# How do I get started?

  1. The first step of ensuring whether your model is support is checking here:
  1. Download and build macOS Installer
  2. Run the OpenCore-Patcher.app
  3. Reboot and boot OpenCore