# Building and installing OpenCore

Now that we have a macOS installer, let's now build our OpenCore configuration!

If you haven't downloaded OpenCore Patcher yet, do so now:

Next, run the OpenCore-Patcher.app:


OpenCore configurations are hardware specific. If you're building OpenCore for a different model than you're currently running, it is absolutely necessary to select the proper model from Settings.

Here we'll select Build and Install OpenCore and start building:

Start Building Finished Building
OCLP GUI Build Finished

Once it finishes building, you'll want to select the Install OpenCore button:

  • If you created a macOS USB manually and don't see it listed, make sure it's either formatted as GUID/GPT or has a FAT32 partition for OpenCore to reside on.
Select Drive Select Partition

# Once finished, head to Booting OpenCore and macOS