# The current hold on new issues and pull requests

As written with the release of OpenCore Legacy Patcher 0.4.3, and macOS 12.3:

With today's macOS 12.3 release, I decided it would be best to release this build of OpenCore Legacy Patcher to ensure some important issues are resolved with today's release (namely Open/Save dialog problem introduced by Apple in the 12.3 Betas)

As the situation develops back home with my family in Ukraine, I am unlikely to continue the development of OpenCore Legacy Patcher in the near future. At most, there may be potential PatcherSupportPkg updates from ASentientBot and the rest of the amazing non-Metal development team however otherwise development may potentially be taken over by others later on. Issues will continue to remain closed for the time being.

With regards to the future of this project, this release should be treated as its last major release for the next couple of months. When WWDC2022 is presented, I hope my country will be in a calmer situation where we can tinker with Macs again peacefully.

This is not a final goodbye for me with this project, just a round-about way to say I'll be returning someday. I want to give the biggest thank you's to the community and to the many amazing developers within it. OpenCore Legacy Patcher is not just my project, it's the cumulation of many people that are all responsible for where we are today.

-- Mykola

If you encounter new issues with the patcher that do not have solutions easily available, our helpful community in the OpenCore Patcher Paradise Discord Server (opens new window) can provide support in the meantime. You should still provide as much information as you can by gathering debug logs when you ask for help.