# Supporting the patcher

OpenCore Legacy Patcher is a hobby project for us developers, and while we love helping out the community, it's very difficult for us to troubleshoot issues remotely. The best way for us to get to work on the patcher, fix issues and add enhancements is having the hardware in-hand. As a hobby project, neither of the main developers can afford to buy every legacy Mac to test on.

The best way to support us in all honesty is to donate any old hardware you no longer need, as this allows us to have machines to test locally and push fixes much faster. While we appreciate cash donations, this makes it much more difficult for us to handle as an organization.

Main sections of help we'd appreciate:

  • Donating any Mac you own
    • Does require SSE4,1 CPU to test on Sierra and newer however

Additionally, hardware info dumps are greatly beneficial for us to determine what patches a machine might need:

  • IORegistryExplorer (opens new window)
    • File -> SaveAs and open an issue on Github
    • Note: We want IOReg dumps of hardware not running on OpenCore, instead running a clean, officially supported OS by the machine

If you have any legacy hardware you're willing to donate or want to buy us hardware, please reach out on our Discord server.