# Fixing Power Management: Prebuilt

By far the easiest way to get SSDT-PLUG is just downloading the below file:

This prebuilt file is just a precompiled version of SSDT-PLUG (opens new window) provided by Acidanthera.

The main things to note with this method:

  • Quite Bloated
    • There's ACPI naming for every type, this means there's added delays in boot times(though unnoticeable to most as it's generally 0.5 seconds longer)
  • Doesn't really teach you anything
    • For most, this doesn't matter. But to some knowing what makes your hackintosh tick is part of the journey

# Wrapping up

Once you're done making your SSDT, either head to the next page to finish the rest of the SSDTs or head here if you're ready to wrap up: