Last modified: Fri Jun 26 2020 02:16:12 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)

Fixing Power Management: Prebuilt

By far the easiest way to get SSDT-PLUG is just downloading the below file:

This prebuilt file is just a precompiled version of SSDT-PLUG provided by Acidanthera.

The main things to note with this method:

  • Quite Bloated
    • There's ACPI naming for every type, this means there's added delays in boot times(though unnoticeable to most as it's generally 0.5 seconds longer)
  • Doesn't really teach you anything
    • For most, this doesn't matter. But to some knowing what makes your hackintosh tick is part of the journey

Wrapping up

Once you're done making your SSDT, either head to the next page to finish the rest of the SSDTs or head here if you're ready to wrap up:

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